During these unchartered times of the current COVID-19 pandemic, I am dedicated to remain available to my patients and their medical needs as best I can. In an effort to support social distancing, and keep my patients, families and myself healthy, I will have telemedicine visits at this time. 

Please be aware that telemedicine has its limitations and is not appropriate for visits that require a physical exam such as a pap or gynecology exam.

Weber Medical Care PLLC is a membership-based medical practice, however, in this unprecedented time I am aware that you might just want a one-time telemedicine visit.  I will have a separate fee for a one-time telemedicine visits and if you decide to enroll, we can use the fee towards your membership, as long as it is within 6 months of the visit.

For the telemedicine appointment, you will receive an invite by text or email before your appointment time. You must complete the paperwork and pay in advance in order to have a telemedicine visit scheduled.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this difficult time, and I look forward to keeping you and your family healthy.

For information on COVID-19, click here.